Why Choose Gift Basket Drop Shipping?

Hi, I am Sandra Roberts Founder and CEO of Gift Basket Drop Shipping. 2020 will be our 29th year in business doing exactly what we started out doing 30 years ago, creating beautiful gifts by hand in our own facility with the utmost care to attention and detail.  From our family to yours may our gifts bring as much joy and happiness to your business as they have ours!

What we offer

We offer new designs 4 times a year. We supply each wholesale customer with complete web-ready images, shipping prices and cost for each basket. You simply fax, e-mail  or enter your orders into our order system on-line. All orders received before 1:00 PM CST are shipped the same day with your company name and information on them. We then e-mail you all tracking numbers. We will bill your credit card on a weekly basis  for any and all orders that have shipped. We also include at no additional fee any business cards or marketing materials you may have.

Why should I choose Gift Basket Drop Shipping.com?

1.We are not your competitor:

 We are a wholesale only company. We do not sell retail. Many of the drop shippers in this industry Are retailers as well as wholesalers. They are trying to sell to the exact same client base you are We feel that is competing with you and do not ever want to do that. We were a Retailer for many years and chose to sell the retail aspect of our operation to focus more on gift basket design than marketing to retail clients. We are strictly a wholesaler.


2. Trust: 

We will never contact your customer in an attempt to steal them from you.  Many drop shippers will either email, call or send catalogs in the shipments so the customer calls them to reorder—not you. You loose when that happens and so do we.


3. The highest profit margin in our industry: 

We offer 35% to 44% plus profit margins. Some other drop shippers may promise you more and so could we. But we do not want to over price our gifts. Realistically you want to make money and so do we. Between the two of us we have a fair mark up, not an over inflation. I don’t want customers calling you after they receive their gifts and complaining it was not worth the money they spent. Your customers will feel they have gotten a good price on a beautiful gift when they receive our gifts.  It does neither of us any good to over price the gift and then try to tell you we are giving you a higher profit margin. What we both want is return business from happy customers. Don’t be fooled by companies that offer flat rate shipping and claim it’s a great deal. They’re lower profit margins of 15% to 30% MORE than cover that shipping discount they claim they are giving you. Also, over the course of several orders they are making much more money by presenting their program this way. Yu can check actual prices at www.ups.com at any time and see our shipping rates are more than fair and honest.


4. Fast Delivery We are located in Texas
Ground shipments reach almost every state within 3 days via ground service!  You’ll save money and obtain more orders by not having to ship orders expedited at the higher rates. With UPS and FedEx now delivering to homes on Saturday’s at no additional charge gifts arrive faster than ever.


5. No Middle Man: 

Gift Basket Drop Shipping is not a middle-man, club or some kind of association. We are the actual designers, manufacturer and warehouse site for almost all of our gifts.  (with the exception of bakery goods, like giant cookies) We are not a collaboration of several different people, or a big box financed company, or funded by some big dollar corporation. We are and always have been a family owned and operated business for going on 29 years now. Each and every single customer matters to us. We build our gift baskets right here in our facility with our own basket designers. We utilize the freshest components, which we receive new shipments of every two weeks. We physically check and quality control every single gift we do with a three point system.


6. We provide top-notch customer service—REALLY.  

You can speak to a myself, Miranda or Amy Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM CST to 4:00 PM CST each and every single day, every single week. We want to speak with you and hear your opinion. Your opinion helps us improve our company.


7. We are the original gift basket drop shipping company.

We started out creating gift baskets in 1993 and that is still our sole purpose today. We have never done anything else here at GBDS but create and ship gift baskets. We were the first company on record to offer wholesale drop shipping of gift baskets on the Internet in 1995. We have been in business longer than ALL of our competition.  2023 will make our 30th year exclusively in the gift basket business. Some drop shippers will brag they have been in business for more than “x “amount of years or they have a combined experience of “x” amount of years. What they are not telling you is “what” business they have been in all those years. I can guarantee you it was not the gift basket business. As an example one particular competitor is not telling you they themselves bought the business from someone else and never had any experience in the gift basket industry before that yet they are claiming they have been in business 25 years.  Here at GBDS gift baskets is all we have ever done and all we will do. We focus on perfecting our craft and nothing else. 


8. We offer the LARGEST selection of any gift basket drop shippers in business today.

Our 29 years of creating gift baskets has proven our designs are what customers are looking for. When you buy from us you do not have to deal with 2 or 3 different vendors to have a complete selection of gift baskets.  However, you are welcome to use any and all competitors in addition to us. We are not going to try and limit who you can buy from or try to control what you sell on your site. That is not our decision to make it’s your business after all. Who are we to tell you what to sell or how to run your business. We are confident in our gifts and welcome the competition. It’s keep us striving to improve.


9. We will not ever try to be a one stop shop source.

We are not a florist, business mentor, a marketing company, advertising agency or web development company. We are a GIFT BASKET company. It’s that simple, nothing more, nothing less. But we can guarantee we are the best at what we do, making gift baskets! We will never promise to help you with items we actually have no knowledge about.  We are not business consultants or web-developers. We are gift basket designers. That is not to say if you need advice or help we will not offer it. The difference is we will, FREE of charge. We are always happy to o share our knowledge and experience. The difference is we will not charge you for it, it’s free as long as you are a customer.


10. We will send you emails and updates whenever an item becomes low in inventory.  

We won’t ask you to take time out of your busy schedule and check our site every day for availability issues. We know you are busy and it’s our job to keep you informed.  We will clearly list all stock issues on our site and email you when any item becomes an issue for availability.


11. We will email you your tracking information each and every day

You will not need to access your account to receive tracking. Our system will email you tracking every day. Our system will also allow you to download your orders with complete shipping and tracking information for accounting purposes.



12. Simple and Easy Process
We offer all the information you need right on-line. We offer complete product descriptions, contents, shipping, UPC codes and wholesale prices right in your account log in area. New images and data will always be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week right on-line. We can also offer you this information on a USB if that is more convenient for you. For those customers with more technical needs we also supply .csv file feed and .zip files with both large and thumbnail images. If you need us too we can Dropbox all images to your web developer as well. 

What do I need to do now if I want to join?

You may simply click here and complete the sign up process or you may fax the attached form to us at 979-316-3084. You may also call us at 979-316-3454 and we’ll help you sign up over the phone.

If you choose not to become a GBDS customer we certainly would like for you to share why with us. We strive to improve our service and your feedback or opinion would be greatly appreciated.


You may contact us at any time if you have questions:


Gift Basket Drop Shipping, LLC
E-Mail sales@giftbasketdropshipping.com