Wholesale Gift Baskets & Drop Shipping

Wholesale Gift Baskets and LTL Shipping

We  offer wholesale prices on gift baskets, LTL shipments as well as wholesale blind drop shipping of every gift. Wholesale Pricing on gift baskets and information on LTL shipments or volume orders may be obtained by emailing us at sales@giftbasketdropshipping.com or calling us direct at 979-316-3454. However if you are looking for drop shipping  please continue to read below for additional information:


Wholesale Drop Shipping/ Blind Drop Shipping

Our program is designed to be simple and effective to ensure your success.  We have been offering wholesale drop shipping of gift baskets for over 30 years. It is who we are, and it is all we do. Unlike other “Gift Basket Drop Shipping” companies we are not a retailer, nor are we a middle man. We are strictly a wholesale gift basket company. We do not sell to the public.  You will never have to worry about us putting our company name or information on anything you order as we do not sell to the general public. Our sole focus is wholesale gift baskets and drop shipping.

Truth & Honesty

We will never try to be anything other than a wholesale gift basket company as that is what we do best. After all we’ve been doing it longer than any other gift basket drop shipper still in business today. Our 30 years in business is not a combination of a group of executives, a combined number of who knows what or backed by some financial investors, it is simply me and my family doing what we have been doing for 30 years now. I know other companies offer marketing, pre-built websites, business mentorship (for a fee), business advice etc etc etc the list of what they offer is endless and sounds very appealing. That’s not us and not what we do. Nobody can be the best at everything and I have always felt it is better to one thing spectacularly than several things mediocrely. Don’t you agree? That’s not to say if you call us today and need advice we won’t give it to you. Because we will, for free. We are always happy to share our experience and any advice we may have. You can call and ask any questions you may have, always and you’ll get answers and any help we may have to offer free of charge every single day.  All we offer here are beautiful gift baskets at fantastic margins and 30 years of hard earned experience. It’s a simple but honest way of doing business.

Quality Gift Gift Baskets at Wholesale Prices

Our 30 years says it all. No company stays in business 30 years without a quality product. That’s just the plain truth. We are not the cheapest gift on the market by far. Why would you want the cheapest gift anyway? What you are looking for is a beautiful, quality hand made gift that your recipient will absolutely love and that is exactly what you will get from us here at GBDS. Our basket designers have years of training and are the best at what they do. Plus, my own son is the warehouse manager. He grew up in our family owned and operated business. You won’t find a family more dedicated to their craft than the one here at GBDS. We guarantee it.

Higher Profit Margins

Our gifts offer a 35% to 40%+ profit . You’ll make a higher profit margin on our gifts than any other gift basket drop shipper in the industry.  We offer a MSRP but you are free to set your own selling price. We can offer higher profit margins because wholesaling is all we do. Our gifts are easy to sell and our business model works which is why we have been in business for 30 plus years now.

Custom Gifts & Corporate Order Support

Have a corporate client that needs a special gift?  You received a big order that’s too much for you to do by yourself? We can help with that. We offer custom gifts (minimum piece requirement.) Custom ribbon imprinting and more. Need one of our existing gifts customized with a special feature? We can do that too. All you need to do is ask. If it’s possible we will do it. You can buy from us wholesale just one time or 1,000 times. There are no limits here !

100% Risk Free

That’s right I said risk free. We do not charge a set-up fee, an activation fee, a minimum term requirement or any up-front fees. Plus, you are free to cancel your account at any time, always.  You may join today free of charge and cancel at anytime free of charge, no strings attached. 

What we offer:

  1. A 35% to 44% profit margin on over 550 beautiful gift baskets and gourmet foods created by hand and shipped directly from our facility here in Texas, not a third party. That’s the highest profit margin offered in our industry.
  2. Our entire selection with images, shipping information, basket cost, and basket contents available on-line, through Drop Box or on a USB drive as soon as you join.
  3. Over 550 unique gifts drop shipped directly to your customers requested ship to address with your companies name and contact information on the label. Your customer nor the recipient ever know we were involved. In addition, we will never attempt to market to any of your customers. Your customer remains your customer.
  4. Your gift is shipped with your customers requested card enclosure, professionally printed on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. The shipping label is on one half and your packing slip and card enclosure are on the other. We can even include your business card at no additional charge.
  5. Your company’s name and phone number on the shipping label and our address for return purposes.
  6. Your own drop shipping specialist dedicated to helping you with any customer service needs you may have.
  7. Tracking information supplied on a daily basis for every order we have shipped for you via email.
  8. New and up-dated gift assortments for every holiday and several new designs throughout the
  9. Same day shipping on all air orders placed by 11 AM CST and same day or next day shipping on all ground orders placed by 1 PM CST. Keep in mind our location in Texas allows faster delivery as well.
  10. Custom imprinting on many containers and ribbon with no minimums.

How to participate in the Gift Basket Drop Shipping Program

  1. Complete a wholesale account set up either on-line. We will review your application and contact you once we have reviewed it, usually within 24 business hours.( I say review because we have to verify you are an actual company and will be re-selling our gifts . We do not sell retail.)
  2. Once you have received the account approval we will activate your username and password to access all of our selections, pricing and descriptions right on-line. You may also access images through Drop Box or request a USB drive be mailed to you if it is easier. (You may not use any of the Gift Basket Drop Shipping images unless you have received approval from us first.)

What happens after you’re approved

  1. Decide which gifts you want to offer and add them to your website. Be sure to decide if you want to use our suggested retail price or one of your own which may include advertising fees or other costs you may have. Gift Basket Drop Shipping will never at any time contact your customers. We are a wholesale only company. If we ever need assistance with an order we will call you directly. We do not wish to participate in the relationship between you and your
  2. Transmit orders to Gift Basket Drop Shipping. You can send orders to us via e-mail, or by inputting the order into our order system.  Upon request you may also connect your account to many on-line platforms and and have your orders set to auto-enter with our system. Always be sure to include all necessary information on the order, the ship too address, card enclosure, sku number and method of shipping.
  3. All orders placed with expedited shipping received prior to 11:00 AM CST ship the same day Monday through Friday. Ground orders received before 1 PM CST ship that day or the next business day. (Except during December.) You will receive your tracking number the same day the gift ships.
  4. That’s it! There are no tricky steps to follow. We try to make it as easy and painless as possible for you to get started selling right away. Your success is our success, so lets get started