Some Commonly Asked Questions

How do I join? You may complete the application on-line here or if you want you may print the form also found on the above page and fax it to us at 979-316-3084. We do not recommend you email the form as email is not secure.


How much profit will I make? All of our gifts offer a 38% to 45% profit margin if you use our MSRP.


How can I see what your prices are? You may request a preview of our pricing here. We will then email you a complete copy of our wholesale price list.


Do I have to use your MSRP? No, we simply offer you a MSRP. You may charge any price you feel necessary.


Why should I choose GBDS over another company? Simply put, because we are the best. We have been offering drop shipping of gift baskets longer than any other company in the gift basket industry today. You may see other companies that offer the same types of programs but not one of them will come close to our vast gift selection or great customer service. But if that is not enough to convince you here are a few more reasons:


We will never contact your customer in an attempt to steal them from you. Many drop shippers will either email, call or send their own catalogs in the shipments so the customer calls them to reorder—not you. You lose when that happens and so do we.


We will not show prices right on our site for your customers to see. Many of the drop shippers in this industry show the wholesale prices right on their site or even sell retail on their sites. We do not feel this is to your benefit.


We offer an honest 38%-45% profit margin. Some other drop shippers may promise you more and so could we. But we do not want to over price our gifts. Realistically you want to make money and so do we. Between the two of us we have a fair mark up, not an over inflation of the prices to make it look like you will make more. We don’t want customers calling you after they receive their gifts and complaining it was not worth the money they spent. Your customers will feel they have gotten a good price on a beautiful gift when they receive our gifts.


Gift Basket Drop Shipping is not a middle-man, club or some kind of association. We are the actual designers, manufacturer and warehouse for our gifts. We are not a collaboration of several different people. We are and always have been a family owned and operated business. Each and every single customer matters to us. We build all of our gift baskets (with the exception of fruit) right here in our facility with the freshest components which we receive new shipments of every two weeks.


We provide top-notch customer service—REALLY. You can speak to a sales associate Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM CST to 5:00 PM CST each and every week. We want to speak with you and hear your opinion. Your opinion helps us improve our company.


We have been in business longer than ALL of our competition. 2009 will make our 17th year in the gift basket business. Some of our competitors will brag they have been in business a certain amount of time. What they are not telling you is “what” business they have been in. I can guarantee you it was not the gift basket business.


We offer the LARGEST selection of any gift basket drop shipper in business today. Our 16+ years of creating gift baskets has proven our designs are what customers are looking for. When you buy from us you do not have to deal with 2 or 3 different vendors to have a complete selection of gift baskets.


Does your program have any monthly fees or account set up fees? Our program does have a $29.95 membership fee in any month in which you do not purchase $100.00 in merchandise. However, if you purchase $100.00 in merchandise in that one month we waive the 29.95 monthly membership fee. We do not have any set up fees or annual dues.


Why do you charge a monthly membership fee? We operate off of a 10% to15% profit margin. The monthly membership fee helps to offset monthly operating expenses, new photography and product development. Developing new products and photography is very expensive. As a member you benefit from our photos and gifts and part of how we help cover our costs is by charging the monthly membership fee if you do not meet the $100.00 merchandise minimum. Realistically you only need to sell 2-3 gifts per month to meet the minimum and cover your costs of membership. And remember, the fee is waived in any month in which you buy $100.00 in merchandise. We are one of the only companies which offers the benefit of waiving the monthly fee.


Can I cancel my membership if I want to? Yes, you may cancel your Standard membership at any time with written notice. We do not accept cancellations over the phone. All images must be removed from your site prior to cancellation. Membership fees will continued to be charged as long as you use the GBDS images. Cancellations will not be honored if your web site is still using the GBDS images. Membership dues are due and payable for the month in which you cancel and are not refundable. It is at all times the sole responsibility of the client to verify receipt of any and all faxed or mailed cancellations notices. Cancellations are not accepted over the phone or via the Internet. Please refer to our contract for cancellation policies pertaining to our 90 Day Trial program.


How do I cancel my membership? All cancellations must be sent via USPS mail or via fax. We do not accept cancellations over the phone. All images must be removed from your site for your membership to be cancelled. In addition the monthly membership fee is still charged in the month in which you cancel if you do not meet the $100.00 merchandise minimum. Cancellations will not be honored if your web site is still using the GBDS images.


How do I obtain your images? Once your membership has been approved you may simply log into your account and download any or all images you may want to use right on-line. Images are available in .zip files or by right mouse clicking and saving them to your computer. You may also order a CD at an additional cost of 19.95 with all of our images on it.


Do you offer descriptions for your gifts? Yes. We do offer complete contents and descriptions for each and every one of our gifts. All of our information is available in an Excel format so you will need Microsoft Excel to use our information. We simply have far too many skus to offer the information in a simple word document.


How do I obtain your descriptions? Once your account has been approved you may log into your account and download and Excel spread sheet with all of our gifts information.


Do you offer a file feed? Yes, we do offer a complete .csv file feed for web developers and web masters who would like to use one. This is also available right on-line once you log into your account.


Can you help me build a web site? No, we do not assist in the building of web sites in any way. We are and always have been a gift company. We do not pretend to be web developers or a marketing company. We simply choose to focus all of our efforts on our service and selection. We recommend


Can you tell me how to market my site and build sales? Again, the answer is no. We do not assist in the marketing of your web site in any way. We are and always have been a gift company. We do not pretend to be web developers or a marketing company. We simply choose to focus all of our efforts on our service and selection. We can recommend for your web design and marketing needs.


However you will find just about anything you may want to know on these pages:


As with any business, what you get out of the business is directly related to how much time and effort you put into the business. There are no get rich quick answers or opportunities on the Internet as many people would have you believe. Running a web based company is no different than operating a brick and mortar. It takes lots of hard work, hours and hours of dedication and great marketing to be successful.


How do I know if a product is out of stock? We will send you emails and updates whenever an item becomes low in inventory. We won’t ask you to take time out of your busy schedule and check our site every day for availability issues. We know you are busy and it’s our job to keep you informed.


What is your return policy? If GBDS has committed an error or a gift is damaged GBDS will retrieve the gift and refund it in full or re-ship it. But, again we must be able to retrieve the damaged gift to offer a refund of any kind. No additional discounts will be offered if the gift can not be retrieved. The gift must be unopened and in its original condition. We do reserve the right to make substitutions and do find the need too at various times throughout the year. Also, not all packaging may look identical to the products photographed as packaging colors and shapes change quite frequently. With this in mind please be aware that a substitution or variance in flavor, color or packaging does not justify an item being returned at our expense or a discount of any kind. If for any reason other than damages or errors on the part of GBDS, a customer wants to return a gift they may do so at their own expense plus an additional 20% restocking fee.


How do I place my orders?

Orders may be placed on-line with our on-line order system. This system ensures order receipt and time. It also keeps a history for you along with tracking information.


You may fax orders to 979-316-3084

You may e-mail orders to us at
(We do not accept phone orders. This ensures order accuracy and all details.)


How do I know when my order has shipped? Our online order system will automatically send you an order confirmation along with a tracking number when your order ships. If you place your orders through fax or email we will send you a return email with all tracking information once an order ships.


How long does it take for an order to ship out? All express orders received before 1:00 PM CST ship the same business day. All ground orders ship within 48 business hours. All express orders placed after 1:00 PM CST ship the next business day. Ground orders are not guaranteed to ship the same business day.


Can I cancel an order after it has shipped? Yes, you may. However there are fees associated with cancelling an order after it has shipped. The following fees will apply: shipping charges to and from the destination and a 20% restocking fee. If we need to request UPS to intercept the delivery there is an additional $12.50 fee.


Do you ship to PO Boxes, APO or FPO addresses? Yes, we do. We ship to all Boxes, APO or FPO addresses through the United States Postal Service.


How do your gifts ship? Every gift is wrapped in shrink wrap, topped with a hand made bow and packaged in air pillows. It is then placed in a 100# corrugated box and shipped UPS, Federal Express or USPS depending on where it is being delivered to.


Do you ship internationally? Yes! We do in fact ship to Canada and most countries around the world


What happens if my gift gets lost or damaged in transit? We will place a claim with the courier. Once the claim has been completed and not before, a refund or reshipment will be offered. Claims typically take 3-5 days to process with the shipping couriers. (Shipments going via USPS do not offer claim service.) All damage claims must be filed in writing via fax or email within 3 business days of the gift being received. NO exceptions. We will not honor damage claims several weeks old under any circumstances.


Do you have catalogs or postcards? We do offer full color postcards available for purchase with your company name and information on them. We also offer a full color 18 page catalog which you order and customize with your companies information for an additional fee.


Can I include my business card or catalog with my orders? Yes! We will gladly insert any and all marketing materials you may have in with every order you place with us. This is a free service and we do not charge extra for it.


Can I send a card enclosure or message with the gift? Yes! We do include a greeting with every gift. You simply enter the message you would like to be sent with the gift on our order form and we send that with your order. Also, as an added bonus every card enclosure also has your company name, phone number and web site address on it.


Will my company name be on the gift? Yes! We will put your company name on the shipping label along with your phone number! Our address will appear in the event the package is returned by UPS as non-deliverable. And do not forget as an added bonus every card enclosure also has your company name, phone number and web site address on it.